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Welcome to Validus Guild Site. If you are applying go to the Forums and then the Application Forums, to create a topic, make a user. Before making a topic check out the "MUST READ" first. In that section there will also be information about our guild and our purpose of the guild :) (which you can also read on the "About Us"  page)

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Sindragosa Down!

Ploug, Sep 13, 10 6:05 PM.
Okay i know this isn't a big feat for all of us. But we got it down together as a guild, and thats what matters :)  11/12 now, after 3 ICC raids.  In my opinion its cool compared to having 2 raiders only and 10 trials  ;) As it stands right now atleast.

Cataclysm Release Date Announced

Ploug, Sep 10, 10 10:32 PM.
We have information from a reliable source that Cataclysm will launch 68 days from the current date. This means that Cataclysm may be released on November 18, 2010. While this is not an official announcement from Blizzard, we have good reason to believe that Cataclysm will be released anywhere between November 14th-18th. This means that we could see patch 3.9 (the pre patch) late september or VERY early october.

The source is a model editor and coder who has very, very good info. He had the Wrath dates and the Cata build updates days weeks before they were officially announced. His credibility thus far has been excellent, especially regarding lore predictions.

Patch 3.9 will launch all of the new 1-60 content, the new class/race combos (except Goblin and Worgen), and a host of pre-events that will culminate in Deathwing's emergence.

Note that this is NOT an official Blizzard news release. This is speculation from a very trusted source.

We finally have our own Ventrilo!

Ploug, Sep 2, 10 5:28 AM.
Finally Validus got their own Ventrilo. Members can check Member section of forums to get the details! :)

Validus has got a Guild Site!

Ploug, Aug 9, 10 8:32 PM.
Soon to come some editing on the site!
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